Hodge Podge Blog!

Posted: December 19, 2008 in family and friends, nostalgia

Well, I have been informed that my lack of blog writing in the past year has put me way down at the bottom of the must read blogs list. So here is my lame attempt to write a fresh blog. Material is abundant, my mind however has been fried in the last few weeks due to the onslaught of self inflicted activities I always volunteer myself to do. I even procrastinated sending out Riley’s bday party invites and decided to send an email instead. Yes, either I’m just getting lazier… or… well, no, I don’t think there’s an either.

Originally when blogging about the ALL GIRL SMS ornament exchange I tried to find this pic of Sarah Jessica Parker getting a bikini wax and learning how to say “thank you” in Russian… but, wouldn’t you know, searching online for ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Bikini Wax’ doesn’t garnish the results I had hoped for. I had wanted to post it as a funny inside joke… but oh well. 😉

Lathan sang at his Christmas presentation… and I was so proud that I cried. That, and I also forgot my camera. Amanda, SEND THE PICS!!!

And on the way home from looking at Christmas lights the next night Peter decides I should paint the closet under our stairs for the boys “Library” present from us for Christmas. I put the word library in quotations because I make quotes with my hands FAR too often, and FAR too incorrectly… but in this case, it’s warranted. I am being a smart ass because Peter thinks throwing some books and bean bags in a closet makes a wonderful and educational “library” for our children. If you haven’t read the sarcasm yet it’s probably not going to happen. Someone who can actually accomplish writing sarcastically must be a very talented person. Anyway, I’m just a jerk, because it turned out really cute and I totally got onboard after Peter bought the cute little bookshelf cubes and is going to install a two feet high 4 foot long dry erase board in the closet as well. So Saturday, even though it was last freaking minute and Peter thinks I can just turn it on (creatively speaking) I agreed to paint a cloudy sky on the ceiling. I must say, it looks adorable and the kids love it. We are waiting until Christmas to move the rest of the stuff in.

And also, my boys apparently think that when they grow up and go to work they will still be carpooling and wearing backpacks. Which is what they told me when I took this pic. But that’s ok I guess, compared to what Riley said he was going to do with the money he makes at work… “Buy new underwear for mommy.”

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