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Forget about the things you want…
Be thankful for what all you’ve got.
~Dan Auerbach

Recently, I’ve started taking Men’s One a Day vitamins. Not because I am indifferent to the lack of extra vitamin D for breast health, but because Peter refuses to take vitamins that his loving wife buys for his gout… and because I wonder how much of the 15 other One a Day series is actually just a marketing ploy. Have you ever thought about how many choices we have in any particular grocery store aisle? It disturbs me. We have ENTIRE aisles of vitamins, breads, tampons, and frozen dinners. And each brand is vying for our product lust via multi-million dollar ad campaigns and product placement… or in the case of vitamins, an onslaught of choices for every demographic (so as not to miss ANYONE.) Breast health, Men’s Active, Women’s Menopause, Kids, Kids Gummy. And don’t even get me started on the hydrogenated nightmare that is the new mainstay of our kitchen cabinets.

How much of our consumerism is mandatory? I am troubled that people think less about necessity and more about desire… and that big business is the one profiting from the brainwashing of America. I guess this has always been so in accordance to status. The more wealth you have the more lavish and desirable your lifestyle. When is it enough? Is the new American dream to have a speedboat, a mansion, a luxury vehicle, and a business conglomerate? What is going to happen to the simple joys of Middle-America? The freedom of not being controlled by the buck?

I stumbled upon this quote, and it pretty much sums up what I think is wrong with people who oppose my opinion:

Greed: A word commonly used by liberal, low achievers, anti-capitalists and society’s losers, to denigrate, shame and discredit those who have acquired superior job skills and decision-making capabilities… ~Neal Boortz

Am I lazy and irresponsible because I do not wish to feed the insatiable beast of big business? REALLY? What a terrible way to look at the world… that everyone less fortunate than you (less money hungry) must not be trying hard enough.

Zombie Fire Ants

Posted: April 17, 2010 in nature, texas
Four species of parasitic flys have been introduced to Texas since 1999 to control the South American Fire Ant population. These tiny flys lay an egg on the ant and then the maggot enters the ant’s head and eats the brain… but the ants don’t die. They wander around aimless until they eventually run out of juice and their heads fall off.  Are we playing with fire? Ants do provide a service in the garden, but I think I’m pro Zombie Ants… for two reasons. 
1) Fire Ants are mean little SOBs and infest electric boxes, soccer fields, and, in one case that I know of, cars! 
2) Zombies are IN right now.

The Dirty Blog

Posted: April 16, 2010 in random

My husband and I are the odd couple… One of us is neat and responsible, and the other (IE: ME), laid-back and slovenly. I really hate to define my level of cleanliness as irresponsible because, after all, I’m not that bad (in the classic words of someone making excuses for themself.) All too often, I find myself feeling like a walking contradiction. I am fearless, bold, and determined when I am tackling a project that excites and challenges me… but worthless when it comes to the everyday chores of being a CLEAN. I am described by my brother-in-law as a modern day hippie, yet as a teen I battled with an excruciating insecurity of being seen without makeup… so much so, that I used to spend two hours of my day getting ready and I refused to let even my closest friends see me without my face on. Oh, how things have changed! Now I rarely wear make-up at all if I’m not working… and I even go bare when I know the office harpies are not going to be in. Two kids, a weekly mountain of laundry, and a new found security in my natural attributes, or rather, a new found care-free attitude that comes with being 30, has brought me to my current contradiction. I keep a tidy enough house that even Peter can be proud… ok, that was a lie. But he’s worse than most peoples mothers, white gloves bad… but the exchange? I have been camping in my own life.

Deep breath… On the way home from dropping the kids off at school I decided to call a guy friend, that shall remain nameless, to see if I could stop by for coffee.

“Sure! When are you coming over?”

I replied that I was just right down the street, and my friend scoffed that he hadn’t even showered.

To which I replied, “Well, I haven’t showered in three days.”

The stunned silence was followed by a you’re kidding me laugh. So on the defense I said, “Well, you’re a guy, so stop being a girl and start making coffee.”

When I arrived, I could see how uncomfortable he was being ‘dirty’. And I started wondering why I didn’t have that same feeling of shame. Which lead to an interesting line of conversation. Apparently, there are other things that I need to add to my growing list of need to know cleanliness rules. Like NOT using the same poofy scrubber as another person in your household. And also that men should have ‘man cloths’ and ‘man smelling soap’. I felt a tinge of remorse for poor Peter, when, at that moment I thought about the berry scented community bottle of bodywash sitting in our shower… and the lone pink poofy.

I think I may have arrived at this place because of my tenacity to spend every moment doing something exciting and/or challenging. While I was painting my last mural I barely slept, hardly wore make-up, and NEVER folded the last dreaded load of laundry decaying in the dryer. And with anticipation of spring and all of this beautiful weather, who wants to waste an hour of time if they don’t have to?! Pardon me, but I’m opting NOT to shower and instead go play outside with the kids… which makes my non-showering even grosser actually. Maybe it’s just a weird Gary Busey phase or something.

After coffee I had decided to hurry home and shower finally… but I didn’t. Because I’m dirty. 4 days. That’s a record for not being in a tent somewhere.

Listen to postpunkgirl

Posted: April 16, 2010 in playlists

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New to the garden: Scabiosa columbaria “Butterfly Blue Pincushion.” Seems to be great in the basket… but the one I planted in the ground has been plucked bare by some vexing bird.  I really don’t mind, I think the point of having native plants is to entice native animals to come for a visit!
Pictured with Coreopsis auriculata “Nana Dwarf Coreopsis”


The boys have been watching their cilantro seeds grow… and arguing over whose is bigger and better.

The unassuming green tufts behind the dianthus have come back from the ground… Veronica spicata “Royal Candles”  These are absolutely one of my favorites!  They have beautiful spires of purple that bloom ALL summer long!

The dianthus look amazing this spring!  2 1/2 years old
Some type of sedum that came back after I cut all the rusty yucky remains from winter
Purple, lilac, and white Verbena
Another MUST have for any Texas garden is Silvia Gregii.  I have watched hummingbirds on four different occasions hit every flower on the bush!  And they bloom in almost every season.  True to TX they can survive the scorching summers without a care.  Seen with Tulbaghia violacea “Silverlace Society Garlic”, Nana Coreopsis, and Sedum.
The indoor babies:
Red Cyclamen and a teensy jumping spider
Hoya – Variegated Wax Plant
Veriegated Pothos – “Marble Queen”
A sunny spot will make some of the variegation go away… and if you propogate from a limb that has turned green you will not get any new variegation on the new growth.
Back Patio:
Verbena and Purple Coneflower sprouts that I dug up from the front garden… we’ll check back on him. 😉
Anole Lizard