Special Assignment: Paint Samantha’s Nursery

Posted: December 4, 2008 in family and friends, favorites, I Painted a Mural, nature, nostalgia

Why in the hell did I decide to accept this special assignment considering EVERYTHING else I was doing? IE: Making jewelry for my craft show, making 33 car bows for Grubbs, decorating the 14 foot tall Grubbs Christmas tree, and MY Christmas tree, and eating turkey, and picking secret santa’s, and planning Riley’s birthday…. yes WHY?

Because my friend Josh is worth the extra effort… even if it means listening to Scorpions songs ALL day long. The Josh-isms alone make it worth it.
What is a Josh-ism, you ask? Here’s just one small example…

“I think watching people paint is relaxing. I could sit here and watch you paint for hours… or maybe if I went somewhere like France, and just watched people paint.”

Yep, Josh-isms rock. Hopefully you know Josh and that made you laugh because you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, imagine if you were to say or express a thought and then your listeners just stare at you blankly… that is a Josh-ism.

And I found something out too. I miss painting. I’ve always let my creativity flow freely, but it’s been YEARS since I held a paint brush in my hand. And it felt good. I’m already imagining the possibilities for the boys rooms. So thanks Josh and Trish. It was so much fun… even though I ripped a GINORMOUS hole, I mean, TWO ginormous holes in my favorite jeans!
I can’t wait to meet little Samantha Jo… she will be an angel, I know it.

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