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Pods of Moonlight

Posted: January 23, 2009 in going coastal

These little lovelies are going straight into my jewelry box… not onto my etsy shop! I wrapped labradorite gemstones with sterling silver wire, that had I antiqued first, and then wove into the hand-formed frames… that I also oxidized, to create these “Pods of Moonlight.”

SO EXCITED TO WEAR THEM!!! I just had to post a pic or two since I won’t be listing them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Antiquing silver is a stinky process. As soon as I removed the red tape from around the tub of sulfur I smelled it. And as you add water it just gets worse! I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of my first try at antiquing… but I half-assed it as usual and I was missing some basic necessities like steel wool for scraping and polishing cloths… for polishing. ๐Ÿ™‚

My spirits are up though, on the way home from the bank today I got pulled over one street away from my house. The cop busted a u-e on Whitley and started speeding up behind me. I thought, oh crap, he’s going to think I’m evading him because I turned my blinker on right after he turned around.

He didn’t turn his lights on until I completed my turn. I stopped at the vacant lot right before my street and the cop walked up and said regular cop things, like his name, and “driver’s license and insurance please.”

I gave it to him and he said, “You were going 42 in a 30… that’s pretty excessive. Where are you going in such a hurry?”

I replied, “I’m sorry sir I was going home.”

Then he looked down at my license and then back up and said, “Where’s home?”

I pointed and said, “That one right there.”

Then I saw a smile break out of the corner of his mouth, almost like he wanted to laugh… and then he said, “Slow it down for me Miss Pham, have a nice day.”

I think I drove 5mph into my driveway. And then I noticed my registration was a month out of date… and I smiled out of the corner of MY mouth.

Back to antiquing… Why do I always let my mind wonder off when I’m blogging? Jeez! “Get on with it woman!” <-that was me talking to myself.
First you take a piece of sulfur and dilute it in hot water.

Stay back because the fumes stink!

Then I rubbed the sulfur on my silver earring with a cutip. It looks brown at first but then darkens to grey the longer it is in contact with the sulfur.

The middle piece was being stubborn so I decided to drench it in the concoction.

And voila! I scraped as much as I could with a spoon to restore the shine… but I will definitely get some steel wool for next time!

Wire Wrapped Earrings

Posted: January 15, 2009 in going coastal

My new favorite jewelry to make? Wire wrapped earrings! I can’t stop myself. The first pair I created I sold within three days! I was so excited because I basically decided I would teach myself how to make wire wrapped earrings… and I suceeded. I bought the supplies and out came a pair of lovely wrapped hoops.

My background in jewelry has always been macrame, meaning: knotting fiber or twine in intricate geometric patterns. I love macrame so much because it allows me to create something so entirely unique with my bare hands and every time I have tried to branch out into another type of jewelry making I found myself lacking the motivation. It seemed too easy to just use a pair of jewelry pliers and bend a jump ring closed to complete your piece. Don’t get me wrong, I love silver and brass jewelry and I know many talented designers… but it just didn’t seem like it fit for me. That is until I wrapped that first strand of wire around a hand formed hoop that I had created. It’s like macrame with metal. It’s perfect for me! Check out my latest creations below.

Up next for me? Natural oxidation of sterling silver! It’s the antiquing process that gives fine silver that beautiful bohemian quality. We’ll see how that pans out. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a friend named Misti…. and she is amazing! We were in art class together for 3 years and for one reason or another I didn’t really KNOW her until years later when I started reading her myspace blog, and then checking out her website… we emailed and commented on each others blog and she bought a few things from my etsy shop. So it appears that in this isolated techie world, I’ve truly gained a friend. Someone I never really knew before myspace.

I once read that social networks and blogs are like diaries that you WANT other people to read. Does that make us all narcissists? Or does it give us opportunities to really see people that we didn’t notice before? I believe the latter… while also being a narcissist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhoo, this blog is really supposed to be an homage to Misti’s website and etsy shop:

She has a great blog that everyone should read. It’s visually stunning with pictures of exotic adventures AND exotic tomatoes, and the stories are entertaining and fun. She’s running a special on tomato seeds in her shop right now… so check it out! I actually ordered all of the seeds pictured below, and I can’t wait to get started growing my own tomatoes… which will hopefully flourish to see a new year in 2010! My expectations are low and my hopes are high!

I guess you could say I’ve added growing tomatoes to my list of “make them up as you go” new year’s resolutions. Along with running again (which I have been doing great at), and not eating any candy out of the candy dish at work. I was also going to say ’09 will be my year of no french fries… but I’ve already broken that resolution. And the last, I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to watch any of the History channels ‘Armageddon Week.’ If you want to know why, ask me later… I’m way too optimistic right now to talk theology, science, and ‘gloom and doom.’

Instead why don’t we talk prematurely of earth day! Go buy some seeds from Misti and plant something! Make sure to visit her blog with care tips and resource links. And check out my yummy picks! I will hopefully be posting blogs with my progress and eventually pictures of plump juicy tomatoes! ๐Ÿ™‚ That, or I will be posting pictures of my plants slow agonizing demise. We shall see.

Variegated Tomato Seeds Cilantro Seeds

Togo Trifle Tomato Seeds Rare Sunmaster Tomato Seeds

Sungold Tomato Seeds Ceylon Red Tomato

This pretty green guy, if I had to guess, is a day gecko. I accidentally scared one into dropping his tail when I worked at Planet Pet as a teenager… pretty unpleasant. This clip came from the Fort Worth Zoo homepage, they have big things in store for the herpaterium. See below for more details!!!

This little monkey was carrying on something fierce! He was playing and playing. At one point he just grabbed onto a pole and swung himself around and around and around and around. Kind of like the boys after ice cream.

You would think the water would be freezing!!! But this rhino didn’t seem to mind at all.

There are four, not so tiny anymore, lion cubs at the Fort Worth Zoo and they are SO CUTE! They were all sleeping in a pile when we saw them today. And momma eventually ended her break from the kids to have a snooze too.

I love feeding the birds! The kids faces just light up when one lands on their stick. And on that day NO ONE was at the zoo, and we were attacked from the get go. We should have known when we saw crazed little parakeets all clinging to the door before we even walked in!

I have never had any trouble admiring the beauty of reptiles, although I did have trouble (and never succeeded) in convincing my mother to let me have a snake or lizard. Working at Planet Pet in the small animals department let me have hands on contact with the reptiles I had always longed for. And let me tell you, it’s a lot of work. Cupping crickets alone was an adventure. Not to mention taking a five foot iguana out of his cage without being mauled, cleaning and chopping veggies daily, giving the ribbon snakes minows, the rat snakes mice, the red eared sliders pellets… and boxing them up when sold. I was so horrible at that part. I don’t think reptiles like to go in boxes very much… it seems to really piss them off, in fact. Aside from all that (and the smell of the cages when in need of a cleaning) it was really quite fun. And as a child my favorite part of the zoo was the “reptile house.”

“Mom please! Let’s go to the reptile house, RIGHT NOW!”

Well, the zoo is in the process of building an entirely new “reptile house” and it looks AMAZING. I am so excited to take the boys. And you all should check out the plans if you haven’t already… it looks really cool!

The otter was showing off for us big time. As soon as Lathan sat down in the bubble he started swimming past and staring at us. It was SO cute! I wanted to pet the glass. He seems to really like swimming upside down, Lathan thought it was funny.

I hope the Alligators in Lake Worth never get this big. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Bat Cave! And a little orb hanging out by Riley’s head.

As soon as they realized I was taking the picture of them holding hands, they were embarrased. I was like, “JUST ADMIT IT! YOU’RE BEST FRIENDS!!!”

So, I’ve Decided…

Posted: January 5, 2009 in nostalgia, reviews

Ewan McGregor is my new boyfriend. Anyone who can practically bring me to tears during a Star Wars movie is a decent actor in my book. I mean really. A STAR WARS movie… with Jar Jar Bings and everyones favorite little green martian Yoda.


I really did almost cry. Which probably means I am way too nostalgic, and a bit of a dork, but there’s just something about Ewan that is so real. And the roles he chooses are brilliant. I mean, if you HAD to be in a Star Wars movie, only Obi One Kenobi would do.) Think of Trainspotting and Big Fish… and let’s not forget Moulin Rouge, the movie that I swore I would never watch because of my impromptu blame of Nicole Kidman being a harpy wife and breaking up with Tom Cruise solely because she was an awful person… (this was in Tom’s pre-crazy era, before the couch jumping and cult touting.) But I eventually broke down and watched it, and thus fell in love with Ewan McGregor and decided not to despise Kidman. [gasp]

When I read his wiki today I found out that he has been married with kids for ages, and I thought ,”who knew!?” Surely in our world no privacy exists for those who choose to live in the public eye. As it turns out though, he refuses to talk about his personal life in ANY interviews and will not let his children be photographed by the papparrazzi, as if there is a choice. But the rumor is, they don’t even know where he lives. That gives me a deep admiration for him, knowing that he does not NEED the papps as the old saying goes… and that, in fact, it is his sheer genious that propels his career.

That, and he has cool hair.