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Brave Grasshopper

Posted: November 9, 2009 in food, random, reviews

My friend Cheryl made out a 30 by 30 list of 30 things that she would like to accomplish by the time she is thirty… and like any good blogger she polled her loyal fans for ideas.  Since she is a PICKY high-maintenance eater I suggested that she eat Vietnamese food with me to try something new… and so WE DID! 🙂

Vietnamese style Eggrolls and  nước mắm (fermented fish sauce)
They only brought us one white girl utensil packet… I must look like a pro! 😉
 Phở Ga (chicken soup) Grilled and shredded pork and steamed rice, and the garnishments are mint leaves, bean sprouts, and vinegared carrots.
My FAVORITE!!! Cheryl’s not favorite.
Boba Thai Tea – don’t choke on the bobas Cheryl!
(She didn’t like it as you can see)
Thanks Cheryl for not being a wuss… like all you other ladies that backed out! 😉
Greet the Troops at the DFW airport… It’s the first flight these soldiers take home from Iraq and many of them have 4 and 5 more stops to go before they get home.  It’s a great way to boost morale and show support.  It’s AMAZING!  Call: 972-574-0392 or visit the website:  or