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Goodbye, Old Friend

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Little Texas Garden, nature, texas

I’m sad to tell you all that I have decided to remove my sweet Yucca that has become infested with Yucca bugs, as she has been suffering a slow painful death while the little fiends suck the life blood from her soft spikes. 

I’ve attacked the bugs with organic pest repelents to get rid of them… but they came back anyway.  And I’ve tried non-organic pest killers… which just made things worse for my beauty by affecting the weak foliage.  I really don’t feel like war-ing with the bugs anymore… so I am accepting defeat.  I’m so sorry my old friend.

Hopefully I will not get too beat up removing her.  And in her place I needed some sort of small tree or shrub… so I’ve picked up an unusual yellow flowering shrub called: Genista racemosa… A desert/tropical that will not burst into flames in my west facing front garden.  And I’m hoping it might even provide a little shade for the smaller girls in the garden.  BUT I have a creeping feeling that I may get a caterpillar infestation to defoliate the newbie… because, well, it’s me.  Very hesitant and nervous.


(Mine is about 1/3 this size right now)

PS: My Little Texas Garden – Spring 2011 coming SOON!

Grubbs Infiniti – work photos

Posted: March 21, 2011 in random

You can find Grubbs Infiniti at the following links: