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To me, even the littlest step into nature can provide an escape… but in the eyes of children, you can bet that it provides a grand adventure.









I have developed a seedy new habit… Whenever I see a robust and bustling garden, I have an insatiable desire to loot it.  Always begging for seeds and offspring plants at any opportunity presented.

In my third year of gardening, I can say that my style has been largely inspired by my Aunt Pam’s “tough and adaptable, natural and Texas native” planting creed.

This au naturel style is abundantly clear when meandering down her thyme covered stone steps… the entrance to her whimsical, butterfly-peppered sanctuary… filled with patches of periwinkle Plumbago, pungent Spearmint, and happy little clumps of Blackfoot Daisies. Continue walking, and the crunch of the crushed rock underfoot will fill your ears as you explore the P-shaped path of her little prairie garden… Strange old world herbs, utilized by long ago pioneers, bushing to the right… trailing Vinca (occasionally blooming with bell-shaped lilac flowers) ever so slightly grappling up the wall of her house for more space than the floor of the garden will allow it… Autumn Sage and Turk’s Cap to satisfy the greedy hummingbirds buzzing around them, all held ransom by a border of redbud trees and tall red yuccas (that always seem to be blooming with their ferocious crimson spires reaching towards the sky.)

Even in negligence, this garden would survive. In fact, without the dutiful hand of a keeper, the “daughter plants”, as my aunt would say, and “grand-daughters” …would pop up wherever the breeze or birds directed them to take hold.

I'm obsessed with my little rock garden, filled with different types of Sedum, Iceplants, Torch Cactus, Salvia, and Skullcap

This lovey Rock Rose seems to be doing well in my West facing garden of fire… for now.

This is what I want to emulate in my own garden. NATURE’S beauty. Not the fake, pointy, manicured nail of perfection. While cookie-cutter gardens are very beautiful, the maintenance involved seems tortured and insincere. I don’t need voluptuous ‘Knockout Roses’ and begonias to be satisfied with myself, er uh, I mean… my garden. 😉 It sometimes feels like I am surrounded by prisons of conformity and compliance.



But I also know, that when my garden is lush and thriving… I would do the same for my friends and family. Share in the joy of gardening.  Let the grand daughters go play in someone elses yard! 

I have also taken to collecting seeds from my own plants, and I relish discussing each variety. So far I have Salvia greggii, ‘Winecup’, ‘Nana’ Coreopsis, two types of ‘Rock Rose’, and I even took seed from my ‘Batface’.

Rock Rose and the White Crab Spider

Citronella Plant and the Lynx Spider

Will I ever have daughter, even grand-daughter plants in my garden?! I certainly hope so.

3 year old Salvia greggii ~ one of my FAVORITES


The memories we’ve buried
Have just taken seed
When springtime comes
They’ll turn into weeds
And they’ll creep through your window
to smother your dreams

I love Elton John.  A LOT.  And I’m sort of mad that I’m actually in love with someone named Bernie Taupin who wrote ALL of my favorite Elton John songs.  I knew Elton John didn’t write his songs, that’s not the point.  The point is, TODAY, in reality, I hear what a stretch it is to believe Elton John singing in his magical voice about leaving society hounds to go back to the plough… or pirate smiled blue jeaned babies.

I’ll be optimistic here, and say that I do still believe in the cheesy 80’s movie endings… OMD playing If You Leave on a 7 minute loop until the Duck tells the girl of his dreams (you know, the one he has subsequently been stalking up to that point) that she should GO!! GO to the man of her dreams and not ruin the moment… with an omniscient view of how everything will turn out as the stars intended.  Yes, maybe Kristy Swanson making bedroom faces at him helped a little.  But we don’t get to see sweet nerdy Duckman’s happy ending, do we?!  You should have picked him John Hughes!!! ….er um, Molly Ringwald… er um, whatever your name was in that movie.  God, I’m such a sucker for movies with a record store… ANY movie with a record store.

I think most of my ‘after 30’ blog posts have, in large part, been about feeling old.  Coming to terms with not being a child, but still feeling like a child.  Growing up and realizing that I still want to believe all the bullshit I believed when I was that naive, under 30, dreamer.  I still live with my head in the clouds… my scatter-brained idiosyncrasies spilling out all over the floor when I trip over the responsibilities of being a functioning member of society. 

I don’t want to feel like the dream is dying.  I want to keep living in a childs eye of things.

When I was putting my boys to sleep last night, as we were listening to a Paul Simon song, they asked me what Hearts and Bones really meant.  I smiled with the pride of a mother who has two little boys that are actually interested in 1: Paul Simon and 2: Lyrics.  It’s amazing that I have more stimulating conversations about music with my babies than most other people. 

I thought about how to answer and I said, “Well… people say the heart is where all your emotions come from, and your bones hold up your body and help you to move along.  Without heart you wouldn’t be a whole person… no love, hope, or bravery.  You wouldn’t have much to move for, would you?” 

Lathan’s reply?

“And without heart you would die… because your body would have no blood.”

And that, my friends, is perspective. 🙂

It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t tell you a gift early… cause, let’s face it, surprises are overrated… and I have no self-control! Merry Christmas y’all!!! I deviated from the normal ‘new music only’ format… bonus points if you can guess the theme! 🙂

Disc One
1. Howlin’ for You 3:12 The Black Keys Brothers (Deluxe) Alternative  2
2. Roll Away Your Stone 4:21 Mumford & Sons Sigh No More Alternative  2
3. The Breeze 3:59 Dr. Dog Fate (Bonus Track Version) Alternative  2
4. Oh Well (Live) 2:45 Fleetwood Mac Men of the World: Fleetwood Mac – The Early Years Rock  2
5. How You Like Me Now (Single Edit) 3:37 The Heavy The House That Dirt Built Rock  2
6. Young Folks 4:39 Peter Bjorn and John Writer’s Block Alternative  1
7. That’s the Way 5:37 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III (Remastered) Rock  1
8. Everlasting Light 3:24 The Black Keys Brothers (Deluxe) Alternative  1
9. Home 5:06 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Up from Below (Bonus Track Version) Alternative  1
10. Baby It’s You 3:22 Smith Grindhouse: Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
11. Can’t You See 6:01 The Marshall Tucker Band The Marshall Tucker Band Rock  1
12. Your Song 4:04 Elton John Elton John Rock  1
13. Love to Hate You 3:57 Erasure Erasure: Pop Deluxe Box (Audio Version) Pop  1
14. Sea of Love 2:19 Cat Power The Covers Record Rock  1
15. When the Night Comes 3:56 Dan Auerbach Keep It Hid Rock  2
16. Do You Realize 3:33 The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Rock/Pop  1
17. Eclipse 2:04 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Rock  1

Disc Two
1. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ 2:46 Nancy Sinatra Boots Pop  
2. A ll You Ever Wanted 2:56 The Black Keys Attack & Release Alternative  1
3. First Day Of My Life 3:09 Bright Eyes I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning Emo  1
4. The Cave 3:36 Mumford & Sons Sigh No More Alternative  1
5. Hang On 4:01 Dr. Dog Fate (Bonus Track Version) Alternative  1
6. Go Your Own Way 3:38 Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Rock  
7. I Put a Spell On You 2:26 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Cow Fingers and Mosquito Pie R&B/Soul  
8. Miss You 4:49 The Rolling Stones Some Girls Rock  
9. The Love You Save (May Be Your Own) 2:56 Joe Tex Grindhouse: Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)  
10. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out 3:49 Eric Clapton Unplugged (CD Version) Pop  
11. Could You Be Loved 3:58 Bob Marley & the Wailers Legend [Bonus Tracks] Reggae  
12. Need You Tonight 3:01 INXS Greatest Hits Rock  
13. Smile Like You Mean It 3:55 The Killers Hot Fuss Rock  1
14. Cut Here 4:13 The Cure Greatest Hits [Bonus CD] Disc 1 Rock  
15. I Summon You 3:56 Spoon Gimme Fiction Alternative  
16. All I Want Is You 6:30 U2 The Best of 1980-1990 Rock  
17. Fade Into You 4:56 Mazzy Star So Tonight That I Might See Rock  
18. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 13:31 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Rock

Common House Gecko – (Hemidactylus frentatus) Originally from Asia, these geckos spread globally by ships and then adapted to the climates of South America and the southern parts of N. America, 3 to 6 inches in length, nocturnally feeding around areas of easy prey; such as areas with an abundance of bugs due to lights on buildings and houses, translucent beige spotted bodies with striping on the tail help them camouflage to brick and siding, large circular pads on their feet help them to cling to walls and even ceilings… We have lots of these little cuties on our house. Over the spring and summer months we would watch a group (of up to four) feed on our bathroom window when the moths and flies would drone to the light at night. I’ve photographed many House Geckos, but I’ve only held two (not counting all the geckos I cared for at Planet Pet). The first was a small adolescent that had probably been in the house for days without a substantial source of food… I cornered him and took him outside. The second was an adult that I spotted outside on the brick just before a summer storm… I still can’t believe I caught him! All he had to do was climb out of reach… but he didn’t. He just kept circling the same column until I was able to gently grasp him in my hand and pluck him from the wall.  After a few pictures, I finally let him go and he did not hesitate to run out of my reach this time. As I watched him go, I felt like he had shared something special with me.  I love Geckos… they seem so gentle and soft, fragile almost.  Geckos will easily drop their tail if they are threatened… I learned my lesson with a Giant Day Gecko at the pet store.  I felt horrible.  Sometimes they recover and heal without any problems, and sometimes they don’t survive it.  The tail regenerates, but is never the same.
Texas Spiny Lizard –
(Sceloporus olivaceus) 7 to 11 inches in length, usually grey to beige in color with some black spotting or stripes, males usually have blue patches on the sides of their belly, long toes with sharp claws for climbing bark and rough terrain, sometimes mistaken for Horned Lizards because of their spiny appearance.

The Spinies I’ve seen on nature walks and in my garden are VERY fast. I’ve only caught a few because of their ability to climb out of range in a split second… and they tend to be shy, staying in brushy, safe areas. I will say that I run into these guys more after a rain. They seem to love basking in the sun with the added humidity. Their natural habitat is in areas with mesquite trees. When challenging each other for territory, the males will have push up contests… until one gives up and runs away. Predators of these little guys include: Roadrunners, snakes, raptors, coyotes and foxes.

The first lizard that Riley ever held was a Spiny… it ran up his arm, then his back, and onto his head.  My cousin found one laying a clutch of eggs in a hole dug out of her rocky garden ledge.  I was thrilled when I finally spotted this female in my garden!  She’s SO shy… she won’t let me anywhere near her.  Especially after I tried to catch her by my Star Jasmine one day. Ha!      


Green Anole – (Anolis carolinensis) 6 to 8 inches in length, found in warm humid climates in North and South America, long slender tails and toes, ability to camouflage in ranges of color from green to grayish brown… but healthy, non-threatened adults are usually bright green, males have a large pink flap of skin called a dewlap under their jaw that they aggressively display during courtship or territory disputes… raising their head up and down and sometimes appearing to shake it back and forth. I usually find these guys in houseplants, green vegetation, or more tropical areas. These are pretty easy to catch… aside from the booger that I chased around at my cousins for a half-hour.  Anoles seem to be the ballsiest of the three, and after the initial shock of being captured they will hang out for a while.

I’ve never been bitten by a wild lizard, only lizards bred in captivity… and then, only twice. Seems like I should move on to snakes, since I’ve caught all of the usual lizard suspects in our area. I still hope to eventually spot a true Horned Lizard in the wild. (Phrynosoma cornutum), also known as the Horny Toad. Fun fact: they squirt a stream of blood, mixed with a foul smelling secretion out of their eye… into the eyes and nose of their predators, to keep from being lunch. Pretty darn cool.

In the beginning Lathan had bare tan walls and Lightning McQueen sheets… no comforter… and one poster.  He needed an upgrade and so we asked him what he would like in his room.  First response: Batman.  I said no.  Second response: Guitar Hero.  Now we’re talkin!  Does that make me a bad mom?
Yoga painting move.  I didn’t have a ladder at this point so I had to be creative when applying the ‘lightning.’  At first I tried applying a cool pattern with white paint and crumpled up paper…. which I DO NOT recommend to anyone.
Than I started the grid pattern over the lightning with the plastic grid from an old baby gate Amanda gave me.  I had to nail it to the wall in about 8 places each time I moved to a new section and then I stippled in the darker grey paint.
The grid took most of the time.  Probably a little over 2 weeks.  Towards the end I was whining WAY too much on Facebook with posts like: [This wall is starting to suck the life blood out of me, better put on my Gooines Never Say Die shirt.] and [I have a paint chip lodged in my eye, possibly lead poisoning, tetnis and lung damage from paint fumes…]
“I get by with a little help from my friends”
Finally done with the grid!
The first backwards guitar!
My signature… yes I signed my mural two weeks before it was done.
Mark Knopfler Strat
Got a ladder upgrade from Joshua
Bruce keeping mommy company.  Isn’t he hansome?!  I love the matching guitars on the paper in the background.
I’m surprised Peter did not short circuit looking at this filthy mess… that seemed to grow larger everyday!
I will never again post a picture of myself wearing NO make-up AND making a heinous face.  So soak it up ladys and gentlemen.  Check out my awesome cheer up or die shirt.
Too many pictures of my butt… please forgive me.
Check out my awesome hairdo.
All the records my dad gave me… I still need to get Darkside of the Moon.
My Aunt Pam gave us vintage concert tickets from some legends!  Thank you!!!
He’s so excited.  I wanted to cry just watching him last night.  And this morning when I went upstairs to make his bed he had already tried to do it just like we had.  Love you, my baby Lathan!!!

Rock On

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Without giving EVERYTHING away I would like to present the premature stages of Lathan’s rock ‘n roll mural.  When my oldest baby said he wanted a guitar hero room… I ran with the idea!  And something that started small got real big, real quick.  With everything from guitar/amp bedding (that we found online) and a guitar mural, to my dad offering to give Lathan some of the most precious album covers in his collection!  Deciding what kind of guitar to paint on the wall has turned into a full scale dilemma… I know musicians play different guitars for different sounds… but which is the best:  Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul?  My obsession at the moment, Dan Auerbach, usually plays a Gibson.  BUT a Fender is SO ‘Rock ‘n Roll!’  So I decided to paint Fenders over the lightning and grid pattern that you will see more of later, and thanks Amanda for your baby gate contribution!   Not to say that a Les Paul or Epiphone won’t be on another section of wall… I mean, Lathan did say, “Mom, EVERY part of the wall needs a picture!”
So here’s a break down of the mural…
Stage One: Lightning
Stage Two: Circle Grid Pattern
Stage Three: Stars
Stage Four: Guitars

(The red is a Mark Knoffler Strat!)

First Days

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I have a pretty decent memory when it comes to my childhood. I remember things from when I was 3 even… mostly traumatic, like smashing my two front teeth out on the refrigerator. But I also remember bits and pieces of things, like my parents sitting around the Atari playing Space Invaders. A little later, I remember my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Brown was blond, and very sweet… aside from the one time I got in trouble in her class, during circle time, for talking. I still feel like I was the fall guy for answering the other troublemaker kid during story time and then taking the blame for it. But come to think of it, anytime I got in trouble as a child my memory blames someone else… like the time I got in trouble for taking the other troublemaker kid up on a dare to go get a drink from the water fountain while the teacher was out of the room. Of course as soon as I put my lips to the germy little fountain our teacher walked back in and I was sent to put my head down on the table. That was devastating to a tiny little perfectionist such as myself. I cried the whole 15 minutes.

Which brings us to my dilemma… Somehow, I think something I do or say will be burnt onto my children’s brains for all eternity, just as Space Invaders and my ‘time outs’ have been burnt onto mine. Somehow, I feel like I need to handle every moment of their childhood just right, give them all the right tools and insight for school, for friends, for self esteem… all the while, not ending up as the mean, overpowering, overprotective mom memory. I guess it’s a sort of paranoia… that makes me relentlessly aware that I might somehow screw up my kids. Why am I so worried, after all, I’m not THAT screwed up right???

Lathan and Riley have been in ‘Child Enrichment’ classes (ie: DAYCARE) for some time now… so the gut wrenching overprotective mother panic of dropping off my poor sweet unsocialized children has long since worn off. But all that came crashing back when I realized our summer was coming to an end and I was going to turn in to a PTA mom in just a few short weeks, as Lathan started kindergarten.

Lathan has always been shy. Well, maybe shy isn’t the right word…. Reserved. Lathan has always been reserved. I used to worry so much that he would never make friends at school because he was never the one to initiate interaction with other kids. He was always resigned to be whatever anyone told him to be. As a baby, other babies would take toys away from him and he wouldn’t cry, he would just put on an “oh well” face and move on to something else. I think that’s why in preK he made friends so easily. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone so sweet, and so willing, and so… non-objecting?

I tried to force my gregarious nature on Lathan when teacher after teacher would say, “Lathan’s so quiet.” As if that was some sort of ailment, that he was well behaved, and quiet.

I would tell him, “Lathan, to make new friends all you have to do is tell them your name and ask what theirs is.”

He would just stare at me blankly, like the information wasn’t even remotely necessary. And, as it turns out, it wasn’t. Somehow, over the past two years Lathan had become the popular kid. We would leave and children from other classes would shout, “BYE LATHAN!” Kids from his class would stumble over each other in order to give him hugs goodbye. And the girls practically fought over him…. Lathan was an oak, (pardon the Tombstone expression) shrugging them off by simply saying, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

My confidence in him has been continually building, just as it did when we went to ‘Meet the Teacher’ at his new school. Even though he would be with all new kids in an all new school, he seemed absolutely overjoyed to reach this milestone. He said hi to the teacher, checked out his cubby and his desk… as I filled out a FULL page of non-essential information to give to his teacher with lots of embarrassing babbling about how ‘Lathan has a sweet heart’ and is ‘very artistic’, ‘has two loose teeth’ and ‘is really coming out of his shy shell.’ I might as well of said, ‘also likes long walks on the beach.’ Not to mention leaving my cell phone #, email address, and emergency contact info.

Cut to everyone at work heckling me about being the ‘baller’ on the first day of school… to which I completely agreed, in my self-deprecating way. Yep, that’s me… Sara, the ‘ballistic crier’ mom. I just knew I would cry buckets. But surprisingly, I only broke once on the first day. And it was before we even left the house.

Lathan woke up to the nutritional thought provoking breakfast of choclate donuts and blue ‘Frost’ Gatorade (his favorites.) I snapped a couple of photos of him and his brother on the front step and when we were coming back inside Lathan smiled at his daddy and then sheepishly looked back at me.

“Mommy, what do I say to make friends again?” he whispered.

RIGHT THERE. That’s when I cried. I bit back the tears to reply, “Just tell them your name and then ask what their’s is.”

Then I turned to Peter tears flowing freely and I mouthed, “DID YOU HEAR THAT?!” Smiling that tight lipped, as if trying to hold back the sobs, ‘my boy is the sweetest boy on earth’ smile.

And then my sweetest boy on earth went to his first day of kindergarten… said hi to his teacher, gave mommy and daddy a quick hug, sat down and started coloring his A,B,C’s.

First Day Of My Life (Album Version) – Bright Eyes

Early Birdies

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I love the way early morning light just lays on the subject
instead of illuminating it!

I love ghost stories! Not the woodland killer with a burlap sack over his head… but REAL ghost stories. Have you ever felt, heard, or seen something you couldn’t explain? Were you afraid or exhilarated? Do you believe ghosts to be evil or enchanting, demons or angels, lost souls or lost loved ones come back to comfort you? Whatever you believe, there are plenty of naysayers…what does the bible say?

I think it depends on how you want to interpret the scripture, as to whether or not you believe ghosts are demons or not… and I think fear of the unknown probably plays a big part of your decision as well.

Ghosts are generically classified as evil in mainstream Christian thought, yet are dealt with as a natural event in the course of human experience in the Bible. Death, itself, is described as “giving up the ghost” in many biblical verses such as: “Then Abraham gave up the ghost, and died in a good old age, an old man, and full of years; and was gathered to his people.” (Genesis 25:8)

It is no stretch of the imagination to consider that this biblical event is a classic description of an encounter with a “ghost”, which anyone could recognize: “Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake. Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up: It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying, Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his maker?” (Job 4:14-17) There is no evil associated with this apparition and it actually seems to be imparting wisdom to Job. (ie: Whether feeble or strong, man is not righteous before God.)

According to my father, my first ghost encounter occurred when I was around one year old. We were at the Thistle Hill (a mansion in Ft. Worth, built in 1901) for a wedding, and my father said he had taken me to a ‘nursery’ style room upstairs on the second floor and was sitting with me. He said I was just sitting down looking cute, when an older style song started wafting up from the ballroom below. A chill then rushed over him and the house seemed to “come alive,” as if groaning from some century long slumber. At that very moment, my father said my eyes shone as wide as saucers and that I shot up and started sprawling out my arms in a frenzy reaching for him. He said I didn’t cry… I just sat there in his arms with my awed stare in place as he whispered, “Did you feel that, Sara?”

Not minutes later the curator/manager of the mansion appeared in the doorway, and my dad asked him, “Did you just feel that? The strange ‘presence‘?”

If blood could drain out of a person, and leave someone pale white and listless, that would match my fathers description of the curator after he had asked the question. And then, without a word, he turned and went downstairs.

Over the years I kept clippings of articles from the Star Telegram about the Hauntings of Thistle Hill. One such article snippet gave me goosebumps as soon as I read it: “During renovations in the early 80’s workers often reported hearing music coming from the 3rd floor ballroom.” I was born in 1980.

My second ghostly encounter is a personal memory of my sister and I… one of many ‘ghost’ stories originating from the house we grew up in. Shadow Man, as we came to call him, was a shadowy figure of a tall man that we saw from our bedroom windows when the moon light would cast in shadows from the street. He always appeared to be standing in the road or close to the curb. Not moving, just standing. I was brave enough to go look out the window, and would be stunned to always find the street empty. It was a clear and distinct silhouette of a man, and yet, time and time again… no one was there. My sister would see the shadow from her bedroom window too, and would always come and crawl into my bed pleading, “Sara, can I sleep with you? I saw the Shadow Man again.”

Years later, after Peter and I had been dating for a few years we were all at my parents house (the very same house that I grew up in) and we were telling ghost stories. My parents told stories of how the radio in my room would start blaring in the middle of the day while I was at school, and how cutting boards would seem to flip over. And then my sister says to me, “Ooh, remember Shadow Man?”

Somehow the memories of him had drifted out of my mind the older I had become, and I had not thought of him since… until that very moment. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as soon as she said his name. And to my surprise Peter grew very pale as well, (even though he’s Asian; meaning he swears that he does not get pale… and that he is not scared of ghosts.) He then tells me that his ex-girlfriend lives in the same area and used to tell him the same stories. And when I googled: shadow man ghost north richland hills, the results sent the same shiver up my spine. Lots of reports of people in the area seeing the same things as we had. Shadows of people…shadows of men.

After Peter and I moved in together, we had another experience that is still unexplained. Our apartment was not always the tidiest, and one day while I was ironing behind the bar, Peter calls out to me from the couch where he was studying. There had been a half full (I’m an optimist) glass of water sitting on the table for who knows how long, and he’s pointing to it freaking out… because, ever so slowly, it was scooting towards the edge of the coffee table. I run out from behind the bar and lean over right by the cup. It’s still moving, in slow little jerks, and we’re still freaking out! We kept looking at each other and then back down to the cup, then at each other, then at the cup. We turned off the radio thinking possibly the noise was vibrating it off the table, but it was not that loud, and despite the music being off the cup continued on it’s path towards the edge. As it came to the side I lifted up my hand as if to catch it… and then it stopped. And, I kid you not, it stopped right there, half on the table half off. One more millimeter and it would have fallen. There was no condensation trail because the water was not cold… and we could think of no other explanation for why it would all of the sudden start moving. Peter still does not like to talk about it. He always makes me tell the story.

And my most recent story to date: One week ago, Peter, the boys, and I returned from a trip to Oklahoma and went to my parents house to pick up our little Chihuahua, Teddy. Unfortunately, we did not call ahead and my parents were not home, so I had to return the next night after work. My mom wanted to show me all the work they had done on the house and as we were walking from my sisters newly painted and floored game room, we walked past the laundry room. It was then that a hanger (the plastic kind with a metal hook) flew off of a door hook hanging from the top of the door and hit me on the shoulder. My mom’s eyes got wide, and she said, “Did that hanger just fly off the door at you?”

I was sort of shocked, and sort of not surprised at all. I immediately thought of the show ‘Ghost Hunters’ and decided to come up with a rational explanation. I put the hanger back on the hook and tried to see if there was any way I could knock it off, even though I knew EXACTLY what had happened. The bottom of the hanger was easily above my head and there was no way that I had touched it to make it fall on me. I know I had not moved the door, but even with a rigorous shaking we could not get the hanger to fall. At that moment, I threw my hands up and proclaimed, “Did you miss me?!”

I’ve had plenty of other personal experiences, some so personal that I would rather keep them to my closest friends and family… especially regarding Eric. If you want to know, ask me later.

Am I a believer? Yes.

Do I think ghost are evil? None that I’ve encountered. 🙂

If you have a good ghost story, leave it as a comment…
Like I said, I love a good ghost story.