So, I’ve Decided…

Posted: January 5, 2009 in nostalgia, reviews

Ewan McGregor is my new boyfriend. Anyone who can practically bring me to tears during a Star Wars movie is a decent actor in my book. I mean really. A STAR WARS movie… with Jar Jar Bings and everyones favorite little green martian Yoda.


I really did almost cry. Which probably means I am way too nostalgic, and a bit of a dork, but there’s just something about Ewan that is so real. And the roles he chooses are brilliant. I mean, if you HAD to be in a Star Wars movie, only Obi One Kenobi would do.) Think of Trainspotting and Big Fish… and let’s not forget Moulin Rouge, the movie that I swore I would never watch because of my impromptu blame of Nicole Kidman being a harpy wife and breaking up with Tom Cruise solely because she was an awful person… (this was in Tom’s pre-crazy era, before the couch jumping and cult touting.) But I eventually broke down and watched it, and thus fell in love with Ewan McGregor and decided not to despise Kidman. [gasp]

When I read his wiki today I found out that he has been married with kids for ages, and I thought ,”who knew!?” Surely in our world no privacy exists for those who choose to live in the public eye. As it turns out though, he refuses to talk about his personal life in ANY interviews and will not let his children be photographed by the papparrazzi, as if there is a choice. But the rumor is, they don’t even know where he lives. That gives me a deep admiration for him, knowing that he does not NEED the papps as the old saying goes… and that, in fact, it is his sheer genious that propels his career.

That, and he has cool hair.

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