Clearance Bin Voodoo

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Flora, nature
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I need to stay away from the clearance bins at big-box garden centers… I have this burning desire to scoop up all the poor mistreated half-dead specimens in no-plants-land (aka the clearance-cart), nurture them back to pristine health, and then brag about how I resurrected each unique diamond-in-the-rough back to health. This is a very dangerous addiction though… Plants that have been banished to the clearance cart are usually in really bad shape and more susceptible to bugs and diseases, that can, if not properly addressed, infect your snuggly safe collection of plants at home. 

PhotobucketBut when I see a HUGE bucket of Gollum Jade marked HALF OFF… I am absolutely compelled to save it!  I LOVE unusual plants… the weirder it is the more I want it!  And I had searched 3 Home Depots and 2 Lowes for a “Gollum” jade that was in decent shape. Everything out there was overpriced and ratty looking. And then at the last Lowes in my area I see this giant Gollum marked half off because of OBVIOUS neglect.  I HAD to buy it! 

Succulents are tricky to read and die easily from over watering… but given it’s symptoms (bone dry soil, sitting with the cacti in full sun, wrinkled faded foliage, 115 degree high temp days) I deduced that it might just need a giant drink of water.   PhotobucketAfter 2 good soaks, I let it sit for for almost 3 weeks.  And then I divided the jade trunks, ripped off the pot bound roots, and placed them in five planters of orchid bark, fine gravel, perlite, and river stone top dressing.

PhotobucketToday ‘MY Precious’ is almost completely wrinkle free and very vibrant green.  I just love taking pictures of it’s long slender fingers. Do I sound disturbing?  Yes, I realize I’m in love with my plants.  Don’t judge me.

I’ve already started 4 or five leaf cuttings, as well!  Baby Gollums for ALL…  (If I can bring myself to part with them!)  Now I just need to find a clearance bin Hobbit to complete my weirdo Lord of the Rings jade-plant collection.  😉

My latest find was a $1.25 “Voodoo” Aeonium.  Who could resist a plant with a name like that?!?  It’s still in terrible shape… and I have NO idea how to take care of it.  Apparently they are dormant in the summer and require little to NO water during this time.  The soil medium in the plastic pot was moist and looked to be a peat mixture… (not good.)  So I decided to immediately tamp off as much of the old soil from the roots as possible, dip them in superthrive (probably not the greatest idea to re-wet them), then I changed the soil to my new “crunchy” mix… , and now I just have to play the waiting game until I see new leaves forming.  Hope they make it!




I also have a cute little Crassula muscosa “Lizard’s Tail”  that seems to be doing well in my little succulent/cacti dish.  I LOVE it’s name, too!

PS. I will also accept any plant that you are ill equiped and unable to care for/keep alive… as long as it is weird.

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