Cacti and Succulents

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am too lazy to look up all the proper scientific names right now… so these are either common names or names I’ve made up.

Blue Giant

Succulent Cacti Dish

Some aloe I stole from my parents and Mammory Cacti (Common name thimble cactus but I call it this to remember it’s scientific name: Mammillaria gracilis var. fragilis)

Variegated Elephant Bush – might possibly take over the planter

Nursery… I finally got the iceplants to root!  And I LOVE the way the Mammory cuttings look like octopus arms!!

Christmas Cacti with lots of new red leaves

Some crazy succulent that grows on mountains in Brazil… will look into this one more… used to be thought of as a euphorbia (Pencil Cacti)

My Precious (yes that is it’s name) Gollum Jade

One of my many climbing succulents – Hoya carnosa variegated

Rope Hoya

Pink-Silver Hoya… I call her Meddle… after one of my most obsessed over bands: Pink Floyd.

  1. Misti says:

    Looking pretty! The one cactus you said about Brazil is some sort of rainforest cactus, we had a few varieties like that. Miss them

    • Sara says:

      It’s Rhipsalis pilocarpa… An EA pet. Apparently smart people breed lots of exotics in crummy soil for Walmart and other big box conglomorates. But it’s fun to buy $10 plants and then make them into 20 healthy ones! 🙂

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