Hearts and Bones… Dreams and the Duckman

Posted: January 14, 2011 in family and friends, music, nostalgia, random
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The memories we’ve buried
Have just taken seed
When springtime comes
They’ll turn into weeds
And they’ll creep through your window
to smother your dreams

I love Elton John.  A LOT.  And I’m sort of mad that I’m actually in love with someone named Bernie Taupin who wrote ALL of my favorite Elton John songs.  I knew Elton John didn’t write his songs, that’s not the point.  The point is, TODAY, in reality, I hear what a stretch it is to believe Elton John singing in his magical voice about leaving society hounds to go back to the plough… or pirate smiled blue jeaned babies.

I’ll be optimistic here, and say that I do still believe in the cheesy 80’s movie endings… OMD playing If You Leave on a 7 minute loop until the Duck tells the girl of his dreams (you know, the one he has subsequently been stalking up to that point) that she should GO!! GO to the man of her dreams and not ruin the moment… with an omniscient view of how everything will turn out as the stars intended.  Yes, maybe Kristy Swanson making bedroom faces at him helped a little.  But we don’t get to see sweet nerdy Duckman’s happy ending, do we?!  You should have picked him John Hughes!!! ….er um, Molly Ringwald… er um, whatever your name was in that movie.  God, I’m such a sucker for movies with a record store… ANY movie with a record store.

I think most of my ‘after 30’ blog posts have, in large part, been about feeling old.  Coming to terms with not being a child, but still feeling like a child.  Growing up and realizing that I still want to believe all the bullshit I believed when I was that naive, under 30, dreamer.  I still live with my head in the clouds… my scatter-brained idiosyncrasies spilling out all over the floor when I trip over the responsibilities of being a functioning member of society. 

I don’t want to feel like the dream is dying.  I want to keep living in a childs eye of things.

When I was putting my boys to sleep last night, as we were listening to a Paul Simon song, they asked me what Hearts and Bones really meant.  I smiled with the pride of a mother who has two little boys that are actually interested in 1: Paul Simon and 2: Lyrics.  It’s amazing that I have more stimulating conversations about music with my babies than most other people. 

I thought about how to answer and I said, “Well… people say the heart is where all your emotions come from, and your bones hold up your body and help you to move along.  Without heart you wouldn’t be a whole person… no love, hope, or bravery.  You wouldn’t have much to move for, would you?” 

Lathan’s reply?

“And without heart you would die… because your body would have no blood.”

And that, my friends, is perspective. 🙂

  1. Japanese porn says:

    That’s beautiful. 🙂

  2. Cayce says:

    Another sweet one. What a lovely conversation with Lathan.

    I’m a sucker the cheesy 80’s movies, too, though I never liked EITHER guy from Pretty in Pink. One was too clingy and the other was lame. James Spader always plays the a-hole in the 80’s flicks, but damn he was hot. 😉 I also had the BIGGEST crush on Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club. (Still do).

    I know what you mean about coming to terms with not being a kid, but still feeling like one. I still want to see through a child’s eye, too.


    • Sara says:

      Oh hell yes, I would have gone for the gorgeous, dickish, bad boy… Because in the real world teenagers make stupid self destructive mistakes EVERY DAY without so much as batting an eyelash. 🙂

  3. Amber says:

    Just because you’re care free doesn’t put you hand in hand with the “irresponsible of the world” Just because you have grown and learned that the world can be a tragic and dark place doesn’t mean you should be blind to the beauty and brilliance in it either. I think life is partly about finding a balance and you have that. I think that attitude toward things comes with maturity and you have that. Don’t put yourself with a number when you are much more than that. So you have to work, pay bills, cook meals, clean and help make tough decisions for your family, friends and the world. Honestly could you think of a better person to do it all? You’re a better person because your balance. Don’t ever change!!! P.S. I don’t know what I’m talking about ;)~

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