Zombie Fire Ants

Posted: April 17, 2010 in nature, texas
Four species of parasitic flys have been introduced to Texas since 1999 to control the South American Fire Ant population. These tiny flys lay an egg on the ant and then the maggot enters the ant’s head and eats the brain… but the ants don’t die. They wander around aimless until they eventually run out of juice and their heads fall off.  Are we playing with fire? Ants do provide a service in the garden, but I think I’m pro Zombie Ants… for two reasons. 
1) Fire Ants are mean little SOBs and infest electric boxes, soccer fields, and, in one case that I know of, cars! 
2) Zombies are IN right now.
  1. Lonestar says:

    They are so in! : )

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