My Little Texas Garden – Spring 2010

Posted: April 10, 2010 in Little Texas Garden, nature, texas
New to the garden: Scabiosa columbaria “Butterfly Blue Pincushion.” Seems to be great in the basket… but the one I planted in the ground has been plucked bare by some vexing bird.  I really don’t mind, I think the point of having native plants is to entice native animals to come for a visit!
Pictured with Coreopsis auriculata “Nana Dwarf Coreopsis”


The boys have been watching their cilantro seeds grow… and arguing over whose is bigger and better.

The unassuming green tufts behind the dianthus have come back from the ground… Veronica spicata “Royal Candles”  These are absolutely one of my favorites!  They have beautiful spires of purple that bloom ALL summer long!

The dianthus look amazing this spring!  2 1/2 years old
Some type of sedum that came back after I cut all the rusty yucky remains from winter
Purple, lilac, and white Verbena
Another MUST have for any Texas garden is Silvia Gregii.  I have watched hummingbirds on four different occasions hit every flower on the bush!  And they bloom in almost every season.  True to TX they can survive the scorching summers without a care.  Seen with Tulbaghia violacea “Silverlace Society Garlic”, Nana Coreopsis, and Sedum.
The indoor babies:
Red Cyclamen and a teensy jumping spider
Hoya – Variegated Wax Plant
Veriegated Pothos – “Marble Queen”
A sunny spot will make some of the variegation go away… and if you propogate from a limb that has turned green you will not get any new variegation on the new growth.
Back Patio:
Verbena and Purple Coneflower sprouts that I dug up from the front garden… we’ll check back on him. 😉
Anole Lizard

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