Mark Knopfler Strat

Posted: September 28, 2009 in I Painted a Mural, music
I am a huge Dire Straits fan… due, in no small part, to my dad who owned numerous Dire Straits records that I would regularly burn into my brain via his cushy old-fashioned bonafide ‘record listening’ headphones.  It’s funny, those headphones sort of remind me of the oversized cell phones of the 1980’s when you think of how comparatively small a set of iPod ‘earbuds’ are.  But the sound quality of my dad’s headphones remain unparalleled. 
I remember how cool the Money for Nothing video seemed to a kid just discovering the wonderment of MTV.  And solidifying their coolness even MORE: Sultans of Swing… the epitomy of a Rock ‘n Roll song, Romeo and Juliet… the most memorable lyrics you’ve ever heard… and the rest of the Making Movies album that I had on constant repeat when falling asleep throughout high school.  I actually got into arguments with friends when I would state that I thought Mark Knopfler was the best guitarist ever…. you know, over the likes of Hendrix, Page, B.B. King, Clapton, or Duane Allman.  Oh how young I was.  At that age, one favorite song or even one section of music could effectively put my blinders on to anything else by comparison. 
So this one’s for you Mark Knopfler!  You’re still my hero! 🙂
Mark Knopfler Strat    
‘Money for Nothing’ Video
(click below)

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