Dead Man’s Bones – Self Titled Debut

Posted: September 8, 2009 in favorites, music, reviews
The more I read about Ryan Gosslings band the more excited I get about the music I have already fallen in love with!  Inspired by ghosts, imperfections, and children? AWESOME.  I hadn’t realized that the ‘Name in Stone’ video I posted previously was recorded in only two takes.  I am giddy for October 6th… not only because of the Dead Man’s Bones self titled album release, but it’s also my Papa’s birthday!  I really have the urge to watch Ghost Hunters in a Halloween costume, while listening to Dead Man’s Bones… as soon as possible!!!

Click here: to read the intriguing bio about the band, including the story of how they met, and how they came together to create a play about monster/ghost love stories… and even why they decided to incorporate children into their music and never take more than three recordings of a song.

Lathan loves this video…

First and foremost,
01. Intro
02. Dead Hearts
03. In The Room Where You Sleep
04. Buried In Water
05. My Body’s A Zombie For You
06. Pa Pa Power
07. Young & Tragic
08. Paper Ships
09. Lose Your Soul
10. Werewolf Heart
11. Dead Man’s Bones
12. Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave


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