Running Journal and Playlist

Posted: August 27, 2009 in music, playlists, reviews, rock n roll, running journal

Waking up at 6am every weekday is for the birds! I miss the freedom and privilege (that not everyone has) of sleeping in until 8:45-9am on Wed and Thur. ***disclaimer*** If you are a teenager, or for that matter, an adult that sleeps past 1pm for ANY other reason besides working 2nd or 3rd shift… then GROW UP! You’re missing the whole day! 😉

Today was like any other ‘wake up early, take the kids to school, and go run day’. I got to press the snooze button one extra time (on top of the normal 3 times.) Because I don’t really care to be THAT girl that takes a shower to go work out. Then I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and realized I better go play tooth fairy before Lathan woke up and I blew the lid off of the whole horrendous lie that parents have been keeping up with for decades.

Luckily, the tooth fairy snuck in and out without being detected… and mommy had the boys dressed, fed, and their teeth and hair brushed before I even realized it was raining.

RAIN?! I live in the world of Sara’s plans don’t get ruined by anyone or anything… and rain was not in my plans to go to the park and have a nice beautifully sunny 3 mile run in the cool breeze of the early morning. And I don’t have the ability to turn back time in order to NOT press snooze 4 times, wake up, take a shower and get ready. BOO. I called Peter and said, “WHY IS IT RAINING PETER?! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO RUN?”

“Why don’t you run in the rain, it’s just sprinkling.”

Duh…you’re so smart honey. Why didn’t that occur to me? I guess I had thought about it. Or maybe my thoughts were along the lines of sitting in my car until the rain stopped, and THEN running.

Long story short, I ran in the rain. And it was awesome! I tucked my iPod under my shirt after a made an invigorating playlist, and then I was off! Holdin’ steady at 3 miles in 20 minutes!

Sara’s Running Playlist:
(In the order in which they were played today: RANDOM)

1) Dan Auerbach- I Want Some More: killer beat, with a foreboding I’m gonna kick some ass feel to it.
2) The Black Keys- I Got Mine: think I might get burnt out on this one soon… only because I have put it on every single playlist I’ve made since I got it. Yeah, it’s THAT GOOD! Plus the beat is so strong it actually makes you feel like it’s willing your legs to propel your body faster and harder.
3) Talking Heads- Slippery People: best running song of ALL TIME! I don’t think the Talking Heads will ever get boring to me, they always sound new and fresh, and different… and with lyrics like “We’re gonna move… RIGHT NOW! Turn like a wheel inside a wheel!” AND a minute and a half of insanely fast paced percussion at the end??? Seriously!? Who are these guys! I love you!
4) Matt and Kim- Daylight: Yes, this is the song featured in the Bacardi commercial… and you know what? I DON’T CARE! I still think it’s cool regardless of it’s commerciality! It’s got a killer hook that makes me actually bob my head like a moron while I’m running… that, and I sing the only word of the chorus that I know after humming the rest, “hmm, hmm, hmm, hum hmmm DAYLIGHT! Hmm, hmm, hum…”
5) M Ward- Chinese Translation: this is a beautiful folk type song with great progressive harmonies. It helps me to calm down my breathing and to focus on the task at hand. Great for the nightmarish hills. I need everything I can muster… because those are the places I like to push myself harder. (ie: inclines, sunny areas… I try to run faster and harder… to be done with them sooner!)

Not Played Today:
Talking Heads- Road To Nowhere
The Black Keys- Strange Times (killer running song too)
Mean Monsoon- Dan Auerbach
Van Morrison- Into the Mystic
Dire Straits- Sultans of Swing

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