Posted: August 10, 2009 in music, reviews, rock n roll

I was the girl that would have held out until the end of time… and then a day after that… before I would have willingly sat through ‘the Notebook’ with my girlfriends. But eventually I cracked due to back-to-back airings of it on TBS or Oxygen (or some other girly cable channel) on a quiet Friday night with my man.

Peter nonchalantly says, “Hey, you want to watch the Notebook?”

I laughed it off thinking he was joking… and then only became genuinely horrified after I realized he wasn’t even mildly joking and that he actually intended on watching the movie with me. So there we sat… watching [gag] the Notebook. I was spouting off blasé critiques and jokes, and Peter was either out of his mind, or actually getting into the storyline. Regardless, we didn’t even make it to the half way point before we both started yawning, and I contemplated backing out even though I had somehow made it this far… possibly just to say I could. Peter, of course, fell asleep shortly thereafter and left me alone with Ryan Gossling and Rachel McAdams to fend for myself.

What happened next was truly shocking. I actually started to plan my potty breaks so I wouldn’t miss anything. And then I started wedging the pillow into my lap so I could sit up and concentrate on key moments… and then??? I cried. A LOT.

Ok, so I admit it! I liked the Notebook. And I refused to tell Peter the ending in the hopes that we would watch it again. I caved, and I liked it.

This is all besides the point mind you…
Today I stumbled upon Ryan Gossling’s band ‘Dead Man’s Bones’ and I think I love them. The record is coming out October 6, 2009 and I’m pumped. Check out the videos (especially ‘Name in Stone’).

And yes! That is Ryan Gossling singing, and playing the guitar, AND the piano!

Pause my playlist first of course!


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