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Posted: July 6, 2009 in favorites, nostalgia, random


I was driving to work the other day and I saw a coyote just walking down the street, not blocks away from our house. He was normal coyote size, but maybe a bit more scraggly than this pic. It made me sad because he slipped into a wooded area that will soon be a shopping strip. Then I thought about Coyote Ugly. I wonder why people refer to some girls as Coyote Ugly? I’m betting it is in reference to those scraggly looking bar fly women that look a little haggard and mistreated… and then that made me sad too… because that’s just not very nice.

My mind kept wondering about how everywhere you look we tear down trees to build houses and plant new manicured baby trees in their place… and to the coyotes and the hawks and even the black widows that are eventually out of a home. So to date my black widow count is 17. I gave the mailbox widow a brief stay of execution for about a month… until she made her web all the way down to the ground and inside the mailbox… after that the heeby-jeebies finally set in. I’ve become immune to the widow heeby-jeebies only to a certain extent! My sadness was greater when I killed this last widow. I’ve taken to my nickname “widow lady”, and I was pretty amused when I was at Josh’s barbeque and ranting about how everyone should look for widows around their house so I won’t feel like a freak anymore.
Josh said, “I did look and I didn’t find anything!”
I said, “I’m going to find a widow at your house Josh!”
And then guess what… I walked three feet across his backyard and found a widow out in the open on his fence within a minute of my proclamation. Peter was amused, Josh I think was a little taken aback.
Then my Peter quipped, “Josh, I think she just opens her mouth and widows come crawling out.”
Peter is really cute. He looks even cuter in the summertime when his tan starts setting in. You know, that Asian boy tan that shows up in mere minutes… the one that my white girl skin will never have even if I get 8 tanning memberships at different salons and frequent each daily. I think I need to chill out on embarrassing Peter. It makes me feel insecure when I am inappropriate in his eyes… which is a large percentage of the time. The other day I went to see him at work and all the girls in the office were gathered around cooing over the boys and someone asked if we were going to have anymore, to try for a girl.
My reply: “NO. Peter get a vasectomy.”
I thought I was being funny but everyone fell silent and looked at me like that was not an appropriate response for a normal person. Peter looked embarrassed, I felt like a leper. I should also not be posting it in my blog… but oh well. I’m anti-establishment, yo. I also wish Peter wasn’t OCD because his level of cleanliness makes me feel like my level of cleanliness is not very clean at all. I feel like it’s OK to vacuum only once a week… hell once every two weeks. OK, maybe when it needs it. I’m all for 1 massive day of total house cleaning, instead of maintaining a daily level of clean. I never leave dirty dishes in the sink, EVER, the rest is just logistics.
I don’t answer my phone anymore. I don’t know why. I haven’t blogged in ages either. I’m becoming a recluse. All I can think about is being outside. I miss summertime. The summer always makes me think about how as a kid I didn’t have a care in the world, and how fun everything was. The only thing better than summertime as a kid with no responsibilities was when there was actually a warm breeze to keep you from feeling suffocated by the heat of the day. Now I have kids and it’s still awesome… but it’s SO different. I took the kids for a walk the other day and when we got back I let them play outside. I asked Lathan if he wanted to draw with chalk, he said yes, but then a tantrum ensued when he got pissed off because HE wanted to open the garage door with the garage opener in my truck. After I finally gave in and re-closed the garage door and unlocked my truck so Lathan could open the garage, they played with the chalk for two seconds and then proceeded to dismantle the entire order of the garage… pulling out remote control cars after I said no, getting out baseballs, tennis rackets, and anything else in sight. Oh, Peter’s gonna be pissed, I thought. Then Lathan opened the gate to go in the backyard while I was reorganizing, and before I knew it they left their wake of destruction to go jump on the trampoline… “Dear God, is it nap time!” was the next thought. I certainly get a workout picking up after my two cutie boys. I guess it is their turn for the reckless summers. 🙂
Well… that’s it folks… I’ve been soaking up the rays at Mayfest, Mainstreet FTW, Mainstreet Grapevine, watching the Cats @ LaGrave, going to the Zoo, and having a wonderful time with my boys. I miss my friends. I want a margarita with my girls… I want some MORE sun… I want to forget about urban sprawl, and Hillary’s decline. I want to pray for the thousands of people going through the heartache of natures wrath upon our overpopulated earth.
I want to listen to some new music!
Love you guys!

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