Real World vs Bloggerland

Posted: June 5, 2009 in nostalgia

This may sound completely silly, but I feel weird when people come up to me in the “real world” and say something about my blog. It’s not that I’m embarrassed really… and it’s not that I feel like I’m under a microscope… I guess I just wasn’t aware that people do actually read my blog as much as they do, even if they don’t comment on my blog. In this day and age I think there really is a separation of thoughts on paper (electronic blog paper) and thoughts expressed from my gregarious, extroverted, loud mouth.

Take for example my dad. We’re casually talking on the phone and he says, “Sara… you don’t have carnal knowledge of U2 and Pearl Jam. Do you know what that means!?”

I am completely dumb-founded… “Uh, it was a metaphor, meaning intimate knowledge of U2 that only an obsessed fanatical teenager can have.”

“And yes dad, I know what carnal means!”

Example number two, a friend of mine on my email list that receives dozens of my vapid shameless self promotion emails tells me (after reading my hummingbird blog), that she once found a dead hummingbird in her car.

I think when anyone talks to me about my blog in the real world I just freeze up and act like a moron for some reason. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe there’s not a lot you can say about a dead hummingbird, or your dad telling you not to use dirty words on the Internet.

Anyhow, happy reading, and if for some reason you are incapable of wielding out a single comment, and you must say something to me in the real world… It’s OK, any conversation is better than no conversation. Even if it is weird… it can still be awkwardly funny. Kinda like a Wes Anderson movie. 🙂


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