Earthquake in Euless

Posted: May 16, 2009 in nature, texas

So today at work… I felt an earthquake. A baby earthquake (3.3,) but I FELT IT!

I immediately stood up and said, “Did y’all feel that? What was that?”

It was sort of like a rattling at first and then I heard a louder bang sound and the ground shook. Someone in Cali reading this is probably rolling about the fact that I am freaked out over a baby quake like that… but I’m just an ol’ Texas girl. My main weather concern is heatstroke and occasionally hail. Oh, but let me not forget the tornado that hit Fort Worth. I wasn’t really scared for myself, I was scared for people that I knew. For some reason I always thought hunkering down in a tiny interior room crawlspace with your family and pets with only candles and cell phones was kinda fun. Hey, that’s just me. But poor Riley has become terrified of thunderstorms. He has never liked loud sounds like toilets flushing or loud clapping, and one night we were coming home from dinner and a huge bolt of lightning came crashing down with an instantaneous crack of thunder right behind our house…just as we were walking towards the door. Riley took off screaming into the garage and wedged himself down under Peter’s car. I had to pull him off the ground screaming and crying.

After this episode, it has become commonplace to be jolted from sleep by a crying Riley at the end of our bed. I don’t really mind because we have a ‘kids not allowed in our bed’ rule… unless there are extenuating circumstances (IE: fever, nightmares.) But with this rainy season so far it has turned into a recurring theme. Poor little guy.

Oh wait, I’m off track. I felt an earthquake today! I’m still extremely weirded out. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with that all the time. Which reminds me of the hardships chronicled in Disney’s ‘Earth.’

I took the boys to see it in the theater, and they lasted about 30 minutes before they started begging to leave. That means Lathan and Riley give the movie two big thumbs down because they LOVE going to the movies. I couldn’t even bribe them to stay with popcorn and candy. It’s too bad because mommy was enjoying it. It was a little all over the place as far as nature shows go. I would have preferred they stuck with one story line at a time instead of stop starting three different stories at random and uneven times. It made the whole film seem dissonant and inharmonious… but I didn’t get to see the ending so maybe I’m wrong. AND I could say the same thing about this blog… I’m all over the place with this one!
It’s the earthquake! It knocked the mojo out of me!

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