Once Bitten

Posted: May 14, 2009 in nature, texas

The gardening blogs continue…
I have been bitten by the gardening bug and, I fear, it has left a permanent mark! lol
I spent 4 hours in the yard today planting all of the wonderful things I purchased as my Mothers’ Day present from the boys. The best bang for the buck?… maybe only for a short period of time, was the annual/house plants that I bought at WalMart for less than $20!

Consists of:
Ipomoea batatas ‘Black Heart’
Class: Annual – House plant
Growth habit: Climbing or trailing vine
Max height: 6″
Spread: 24″ – 36″
Cultivation: “Sweet Potato Vine” is in the same family as “Morning Glories”… both a climbing vine. Although the foliage is not as interesting as ‘Blackie’… ‘Black Heart’ is a bit easier to grow. The plant is some times called “Ace of Spades”.
Plant Ipomoea Black Heart in full sun to light shade in fertile well drained soil. Feed monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Once established ‘Black Heart’ is a vigorous grower that is well suited to containers or hanging baskets. Try growing one on a trellis and moving it indoors to a sunny window for the winter

New Guinea Impatiens
Colors – Apricot, burgundy, blue, orange, pink, red, rose, salmon,scarlet, violet, white, purple, lavender, deep pink and mix.
Flowering period – Mid June to mid October.
Height – Grows 12″ to 24″ tall (30 – 61 cm).
How to grow – Plant in sun or part sun.
Features – Large flowers on upright plants, variegated or dark foliage.
Soil – Fertile, sandy soil, rich in organic matter.
Spacing – Plant 15″ apart (38 cm).
Tips – Poor frost tolerance. Low maintenance flower. Do not plant in a hot, dry location. Requires frequent watering.
Uses – Use in beds, pots or containers.

Croton petras
Tropical house plant that will probably not be happy about sharing it’s space with a bunch of flowers and vines… does well indoors and grows to a height of up to 5 feet (if it has some room… unlike mine!)

The Hibiscus flower will also not do well with the crowding, but hey I was thinking small time, IE: one season. (I am assuming you now what a Hibiscus flower looks like, therefore no pic)

Variegated Vinca
Has a lot in common with the regular Common Periwinkle. Both are excellent forms of ground cover, offering support and moisture for flowerbeds as well as adding stability for the surrounding soil. Both versions are low-growing evergreen vines, rarely topping 12 inches in height but spreading out much wider.


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