My Little Texas Garden, Part Deux

Posted: May 1, 2009 in nature, nostalgia, texas

It’s only been three days since my last post full of garden pictures… I guess that tells you I have an exhaustively enthusiastic personality. But just look at all of my lovely new arrangements that I devised Wednesday. I guess I would rather think about gardening than the swine flu. Is anyone else freaked out? My Aunt’s school district CLOSED. Mayfest was cancelled. They have a full on decontamination when I drop the kids off at daycare. I’m trying to tell myself not to be scared because 48,000 people die from the “regular” flu in the USA every year… and that Mexico doesn’t have the same resources or situations as us… but now that I have kids I’m a total wuss. I don’t want anything to happen to them. I would DIE.

As cheesy as this is, the way my feeble mind works, a child’s movie put things in perspective, again. (Don’t get me started on Spiderman 3.)

There is a very poignant line from the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’ that just happens to sum up my feelings lately: “One often meets his destiny on the path he takes to avoid it.”

I kept the kids out of school today, and I am not taking them tomorrow, and now we will not be going to Mayfest. Why? Because I am scared. That’s pretty sad. So watching this kids movie today helped me realize that anything can happen… at any given moment, so be thankful. Enjoy every moment. Live your life.
My favorite picture of the garden so far! I love the way the blue/purple of the Royal Candles (Veronica spicata) look with the red Salvia, red Dianthus, and the white ‘Mont Blanc’ Nierembergia.

I planted the Veronica Candles, in the back, Wednesday.

So scared that my finicky Grace Ward is going to hate it’s new spot out of it’s cute planter it was so used to.
I also installed some creeping Rosemary to the right… smells SO GOOD, and I pulled up that holly and planted some more Salvia in the back.

I just can’t help taking more pictures of my beautiful Verbena!!!

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