Hummingbird Collection

Posted: May 1, 2009 in favorites, nature, texas

It’s a little peculiar that I have been surrounding myself with hummingbirds these last few weeks, like painting a mural on my friends wall with a hummingbird, wearing a hummingbird charm that my Aunt gave me, and buying two hummingbird cards the day of my craft show… All this and then last Sunday Peter, the kids, and I were gardening in the front yard and I hear Peter calling to me from the garage.

“Sara! Sara! Come here! LOOK! It’s a baby hummingbird!”

I ran into the garage to see a hummingbird ramming itself into the garage window trying desperately to get out.

I said, “Peter, that’s not a baby… that’s just how big they get.”

Then I tried to tell everyone to walk back out of the garage so I could scare it away from the window so it would fly back out. But as I put my hand near it, the poor little thing only exacerbated it’s efforts to fly through the paned glass window.

I needed a new plan, and I tried to think what my parents would do in the same situation. And I immediately heard my mom’s voice in my head saying, “LICE!” And my dad’s voice saying, “wear gloves so your scent will not get on it.”

Killing two birds with one stone (pardon the expression) I thought, gardening gloves! I’ll just have to catch the poor little dear and take it outside the garage. I immediately grabbed my gloves and put one hand to the left of the hummingbird so it would concentrate on it, and then gently placed my other hand over the top of it. It landed in the center divider of the window and I scooped it up into my hands.

I called for the boys to hurry up and come watch as I let it go, but, to my surprise, it was so worked up be nearly having a hummingbird heart attack trying to fly through the window, that when I moved my hand to let it go it just sat there… it’s little chest panting. It sat, and sat, and sat. Long enough for Peter to run inside and grab my camera, then run back inside after he realized the batteries were out, dig through 2 junk drawers for new batteries, erase pictures after he saw that my memory card was full…. and long enough for Lathan to run inside for his Fischer Price camera. After around 5-8 minutes it finally flew to a tree in our yard and rested another 5 minutes and then took off as quickly as he could.

Really though… what a coincidence. Pretty cool!!!

Part of Samantha’s mural.

The cards I bought at the craft show.

Me without makeup! Ahhhhh!

My Hummingbird! 🙂

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