Organic Gardening

Posted: April 23, 2009 in nature, texas

A year or two ago my Aunt Pam gave Peter and I this amazing organic gardening book. Only recently have I been enjoying it to the fullest extent. You see… in my apartment everything I tried to plant on my balcony either died a horrible death from drought (IE: me not watering) or various other neglectful gardening type situations. I had a row of impatiens in a planter that actually went from a wholesome pretty pink to a yellow lab experiment. Meaning: Peter and I watched the ants that had made a bed in the pot cultivate aphids (that had also taken over the plant) to suck the sweet nectar from there butts. Look it up, this stuff really happens!

So you could see why I would be hesitant to even try and pretend to have a green thumb.

After the apartment we moved into Peter’s parents house in Ft Worth that backed up to the Trinity River… complete with mammoth cockroaches and mutant mosquitoes, PLUS a heaping helping of landscaping previously prepared by Peter’s garden savvy parents. I think that, to a degree, if landscaping is done properly, there is not a whole lot you can do to destroy a healthy adapted site. But if your not down with the stuff that comes with a hardy landscape you will be easily overwhelmed. Growing up in the burbs all you really have to do is mow, and occasionally plant an annual here or there, and trim back the hollies when need be. In the amazon of our Ft Worth backyard I was dealing with fruiting pear trees, crazy opossums, rabid insects, and lurking weirdo neighbors watching an ill equipped girl yielding her soon to be in laws electric hedger.

From there we moved into our Cave Creek house. That was the name of the court… and I don’t think we will ever have a prettier street name. I still love saying it, Cave Creek Ct! Anyway, the family that lived there before us made me so jealous. The garden was the epitome of what I wish I was capable of. Natural stone borders, Texas stepping stones, native Texas flowers, neighbors that told us we better keep the garden as beautiful as they had. I mean, really? I only wish I could have a garden beautiful enough to make new neighbors threaten people!

So here I am. I am actually proud of my garden today. I’m proud of my Grace Ward Lithodora, and my Red Verbenas, I’m proud to have chocolate mint herbs, native lantana and salvia. And I am so proud that I tend to them on a daily basis. I even wish I had this composter that I saw at Target today!

To read more on the author of my new favorite book… click the link below.


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