Antiqued Silver and My Run In With The Law

Posted: January 16, 2009 in going coastal

Antiquing silver is a stinky process. As soon as I removed the red tape from around the tub of sulfur I smelled it. And as you add water it just gets worse! I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of my first try at antiquing… but I half-assed it as usual and I was missing some basic necessities like steel wool for scraping and polishing cloths… for polishing. 🙂

My spirits are up though, on the way home from the bank today I got pulled over one street away from my house. The cop busted a u-e on Whitley and started speeding up behind me. I thought, oh crap, he’s going to think I’m evading him because I turned my blinker on right after he turned around.

He didn’t turn his lights on until I completed my turn. I stopped at the vacant lot right before my street and the cop walked up and said regular cop things, like his name, and “driver’s license and insurance please.”

I gave it to him and he said, “You were going 42 in a 30… that’s pretty excessive. Where are you going in such a hurry?”

I replied, “I’m sorry sir I was going home.”

Then he looked down at my license and then back up and said, “Where’s home?”

I pointed and said, “That one right there.”

Then I saw a smile break out of the corner of his mouth, almost like he wanted to laugh… and then he said, “Slow it down for me Miss Pham, have a nice day.”

I think I drove 5mph into my driveway. And then I noticed my registration was a month out of date… and I smiled out of the corner of MY mouth.

Back to antiquing… Why do I always let my mind wonder off when I’m blogging? Jeez! “Get on with it woman!” <-that was me talking to myself.
First you take a piece of sulfur and dilute it in hot water.

Stay back because the fumes stink!

Then I rubbed the sulfur on my silver earring with a cutip. It looks brown at first but then darkens to grey the longer it is in contact with the sulfur.

The middle piece was being stubborn so I decided to drench it in the concoction.

And voila! I scraped as much as I could with a spoon to restore the shine… but I will definitely get some steel wool for next time!

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