Posted: January 13, 2009 in family and friends, nature, nostalgia

I have a friend named Misti…. and she is amazing! We were in art class together for 3 years and for one reason or another I didn’t really KNOW her until years later when I started reading her myspace blog, and then checking out her website… we emailed and commented on each others blog and she bought a few things from my etsy shop. So it appears that in this isolated techie world, I’ve truly gained a friend. Someone I never really knew before myspace.

I once read that social networks and blogs are like diaries that you WANT other people to read. Does that make us all narcissists? Or does it give us opportunities to really see people that we didn’t notice before? I believe the latter… while also being a narcissist. 😉

Anyhoo, this blog is really supposed to be an homage to Misti’s website and etsy shop:

She has a great blog that everyone should read. It’s visually stunning with pictures of exotic adventures AND exotic tomatoes, and the stories are entertaining and fun. She’s running a special on tomato seeds in her shop right now… so check it out! I actually ordered all of the seeds pictured below, and I can’t wait to get started growing my own tomatoes… which will hopefully flourish to see a new year in 2010! My expectations are low and my hopes are high!

I guess you could say I’ve added growing tomatoes to my list of “make them up as you go” new year’s resolutions. Along with running again (which I have been doing great at), and not eating any candy out of the candy dish at work. I was also going to say ’09 will be my year of no french fries… but I’ve already broken that resolution. And the last, I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to watch any of the History channels ‘Armageddon Week.’ If you want to know why, ask me later… I’m way too optimistic right now to talk theology, science, and ‘gloom and doom.’

Instead why don’t we talk prematurely of earth day! Go buy some seeds from Misti and plant something! Make sure to visit her blog with care tips and resource links. And check out my yummy picks! I will hopefully be posting blogs with my progress and eventually pictures of plump juicy tomatoes! 🙂 That, or I will be posting pictures of my plants slow agonizing demise. We shall see.

Variegated Tomato Seeds Cilantro Seeds

Togo Trifle Tomato Seeds Rare Sunmaster Tomato Seeds

Sungold Tomato Seeds Ceylon Red Tomato


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