MOLA at the Fort Worth Zoo

Posted: January 9, 2009 in family and friends, favorites, texas

This pretty green guy, if I had to guess, is a day gecko. I accidentally scared one into dropping his tail when I worked at Planet Pet as a teenager… pretty unpleasant. This clip came from the Fort Worth Zoo homepage, they have big things in store for the herpaterium. See below for more details!!!

This little monkey was carrying on something fierce! He was playing and playing. At one point he just grabbed onto a pole and swung himself around and around and around and around. Kind of like the boys after ice cream.

You would think the water would be freezing!!! But this rhino didn’t seem to mind at all.

There are four, not so tiny anymore, lion cubs at the Fort Worth Zoo and they are SO CUTE! They were all sleeping in a pile when we saw them today. And momma eventually ended her break from the kids to have a snooze too.

I love feeding the birds! The kids faces just light up when one lands on their stick. And on that day NO ONE was at the zoo, and we were attacked from the get go. We should have known when we saw crazed little parakeets all clinging to the door before we even walked in!

I have never had any trouble admiring the beauty of reptiles, although I did have trouble (and never succeeded) in convincing my mother to let me have a snake or lizard. Working at Planet Pet in the small animals department let me have hands on contact with the reptiles I had always longed for. And let me tell you, it’s a lot of work. Cupping crickets alone was an adventure. Not to mention taking a five foot iguana out of his cage without being mauled, cleaning and chopping veggies daily, giving the ribbon snakes minows, the rat snakes mice, the red eared sliders pellets… and boxing them up when sold. I was so horrible at that part. I don’t think reptiles like to go in boxes very much… it seems to really piss them off, in fact. Aside from all that (and the smell of the cages when in need of a cleaning) it was really quite fun. And as a child my favorite part of the zoo was the “reptile house.”

“Mom please! Let’s go to the reptile house, RIGHT NOW!”

Well, the zoo is in the process of building an entirely new “reptile house” and it looks AMAZING. I am so excited to take the boys. And you all should check out the plans if you haven’t already… it looks really cool!

The otter was showing off for us big time. As soon as Lathan sat down in the bubble he started swimming past and staring at us. It was SO cute! I wanted to pet the glass. He seems to really like swimming upside down, Lathan thought it was funny.

I hope the Alligators in Lake Worth never get this big. 😉

The Bat Cave! And a little orb hanging out by Riley’s head.

As soon as they realized I was taking the picture of them holding hands, they were embarrased. I was like, “JUST ADMIT IT! YOU’RE BEST FRIENDS!!!”
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