Sara’s Solicitation

Posted: November 6, 2008 in going coastal

1. The act of soliciting; earnest request; persistent asking; importunity.
(ie: comment on my damn blogs already… I know you all read it!) 😉

Sixteen days until my craft show. 16 DAYS LEFT UNTIL MY CRAFT SHOW! I’m stressing balls. You know that feeling like when you had procrastinated until the very last darn minute to even TELL your parents about your homework (let alone, do it)? You know… the minute that your mom frantically scrambled to help you read and then write a book report complete with pictures and interpretive thinking? No??? Just me? Well, I don’t know if I’m ready!!! I have 53 items made. 53!!!! I was hoping to have atleast 150 by the final day. I think I can MAYBE produce 45 more…and that’s being optimistic. But I’m ready aside from that. I have two super cute wooden arm displays, two necklace displays, six plastic product displays with photographs of my work, and SUPER CUTE new packaging. (pics below)

What I need is for everyone to tell me, “calm down… everything is going to be fine.”

Oh shit, I totally just heard Liv Tyler’s character from Empire Records screaming, “NO! EVERYTHING IS NOT GOING TO BE FINE!!!”


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